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First off, an editorial note. The truck on the front page is a DAF CF, with its badges removed. Rheia Automotive does not want to imply it is part of DAF in any way. Nor does it claim any rights to the CF.

In fact, it could be any range of other trucks. In the end, Rheia aims to rebuild trucks with a gas turbine engine. The make and model of these trucks is a choice to be made at a later date. Therefore the CF is for illustrative purposes only.

The gas turbine engine. An engine that was quickly applied to aircraft after the second World War, but also an engine that has escaped road trainsport. Until now that is, because Rheia Automotive is researching the possibility of using a low-cost gas turbine engine for use in a truck.

Lightweight and an electric hybrid. That's a combination that doesn't come around too often, but it is possible with the gas turbine engine. Rheia aims to learn from past prototypes made by Rover and link the gas turbine engine to a hybrid driveline to solve performance problems.

The gas turbine engine used by Kenworth in the 1950's only weighed 90 kg or 200 lbs. Even with the electric motor and batteries taken into account, a truck can expect to save a few hundred kgs, even up to a metric tonne (2200 lbs). Given the maximum vehicle combination weight of 40 tonnes, this means that transportation companies can haul more cargo and make more profit.


In order to advance gas turbine technology, it is important to look at the past. Many truck and car manufacturers have tried, and failed, to build an economic gas turbine vehicle. The reasons why these previous attempt have failed must be discovered in order to avoid the same pitfalls.

To this end, Rheia Automotive is composing a historic timeline listing previous attempt at gas turbine vehicles. If you have any information you could share please don't hesitate to contact us at

This timeline of vehicles will be public with links to the information, pictures and videos found online. We are also hoping to add our own experiences with these vehicles as we would like to experience them in person.

Any information about vehicles made in the past - be it concept vehicles, production vehicles or home-built cars and trucks - is very valuable to us.

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